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Nick is best known for his contemporary graphite hyper-realistic drawings. 

Nicholas King (Nick) was born in Kingston, Jamaica on 26th December, 1996 and raised in New York, currently residing in Georgia. He studied at the University of North Georgia in Georgia, USA. Due to a few learning disabilities that he struggles with, of which include ADHD and ASD (autism spectrum disorder), he was put on academic suspension after his first year of college for below average performance and decided to drop out soon afterwards to pursue a career in art in 2017.


Nicks practice started as a hobby he picked up in his teens due to a sudden urge to try something new and continue with it after he showed exceptional skills despite being a brand new artist with no formal art training. Something he considers "A gift from God". Nick has always been fascinated about the tiny aspects and characteristics in everyday life and as what he explains to be (the small picture). He tries to capture this by concentrating on the details in his work to make them appear more engaging. His works are primarily hyper-realistic graphite pencil drawings of still life objects he finds interesting or under appreciated visually that sometimes take up to 2 months to complete. Working with graphite on paper, his pieces are achieved through first photographing his reference. He then patiently and steadily renders it back on paper while simultaneously making small adjustments along the way to improve upon the final product. 




Artist Statement 


My intended purpose for my works are to make viewers fascinate and warrant extra thought towards an item they most likely wouldn't have to begin with. To make the ordinary, interesting.

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